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Tony Smith's 65th birthday party: 21 June 2008

Tony in the kitchen cutting the baguettes.

The buffet was superb. This image doen't even do it enough justice.

An overview.

Nettie, ?, Sue and Derek enjoying their food.

Another overview taken from the other side.

The band. They were fantastic, and carried on until 11:45pm.

Keith showing his best side.

Mishaps happen, but were cleaned up in no time.

This is the only picture I was able to take from Ruth. I had to take it from the hip. She avoided the camera all night. Gotcha!

Tony and Hilary.

Tony and Keith.

Nettie and ?

The homemade cake. I was too late, someone already had a first helping.


Tony's daughter Charlotte celebrated her 30th birthday at the same time.

Ashley had a great time. Dancing away, he showed us how you move your legs on MC Hammer's 'Can't touch this'.


Warren and ?

Tony looking serious.

Caroline, Steve and Sue.

Julie and Dave.

Charlotte and Tony.


Caroline and Vivian.

? and Andrea.

John, Steve and Shirley.

Tony and Andrea on the dancefloor.

Still enjoying the dancing.


Dave, relaxing with a pint after a long stint behind the bar.

Caroline and Julie being naughty. Seconds before this picture I took a picture of them which is not fit for publication and is now saved in my archives.

Tony pulling some pints.

Derek, Sue and Ashley singing along with the music.

The picture I waited for all night: Andrea and Tony.

Warren and Di.

Caroline and Tony.




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Roger and Annie – Deepest France
September 29, 2009 - 22:16
Subject: Shock!

Can't believe we are sat in France seeing the 'old club' and all the 'regular's'.
All the best Roger and Annie

P.S Tony, you spelt Dolsey wrong! (double L)

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05-09-2011: Like most years, in the first week of September we have been to the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2011.

06-07-2011: I have added some photos from out daytrip to Weston Super Mare.

18-05-2011: We have been on a Tractor Run again.

23-04-2011: The Lynches in the Spring.

19-03-2011: On Sebastian's 2nd birthday we went to West Midlands Safari Park.

09-02-2011: New page with photos from the view of our house to the church and the old village added here.

08-02-2011: New page about our daytrip to Bourton on the Water added.

05-02-2011: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

28-11-2010: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

07-10-2010: You can now view the pictures of the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010.

24-09-2010: We have been to the Netherlands again: The Netherlands 2010.

24-06-2010: The weather was nice and we decided to take a daytrip to the beach at Woolacombe.

21-06-2010: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

08-09-2009: Some photo's of our trip to The Netherlands added and more pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

31-08-2009: The long awaited pigroast at the Saturday cider shed finally happened..

31-08-2009: Although not as busy as last year, this year's barbecue at Aston sub Edge village club was still a success.

22-08-2009: Have you ever heard of The Lynches? It is the name of the woods we walk through on our way to Chipping Campden. These woods feature on a few pages on this website. Well, there is now somebody living in The Lynches, Ray Mears style (or is it John Rambo?).

24-07-2009: As promised, I have now taken a few pictures of the Saturday Cider Shed. More pictures will be added in due course.

09-07-2009: Finally. I've added a page about the cider shed on Sunday morning. Another page about the Saturday cider shed will follow shortly (I have to take a few more pictures first).

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