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Sleeping rough in The Lynches

It has been a while since I walked with Jo Jo Binks through The Lynches. The reason for this is that the grass in the fields surrounding the woods is getting to long for the dog to walk through. Now that the grass has been mowed and lies drying on the field waiting to be bailed Jo Jo and myself decided to have a walk in The Lynches.

When Sebastian was born I planted loads of Spanish pine tree seeds and I wanted to see if anything was showing. I planted them away from the path because if they do come up the trees will produce huge cones, which I would like to use myself (selfish I know).

You can imagine my surprise when I encountered the little settlement below, well of the beaten track. The next day I went back to take the following pictures.

Somebody has been living in the woods for quite a while by the looks of it. An improvised hut with a camouflage waterproof roof.

A chair made out of straw and a fire complete with cooking pans, and an arm to hang another pan on.

Looks like he/she was making a garden? No idea what the wooden frame is for.

Another construction that puzzles me. He/she sure has been busy.

Some extra straw.

A close up of the chair he/she made. Visible on the chair, a pair of gloves, a spoon, a set of tools and a burned stick.

The campfire. Visible are knife and fork, 2 army pans and Jo Jo Binks head.

The livingroom, bedroom and kitchen.

Sleeping bag and pillow.

The pantry, stocked with salt, pepper, sugar, chopped tomatoes, tomato soup, baked beans in tomato sauce, vegetable soup (x2) and spaghetti (x2). He/she is eating well and is probably a vegetarian.

A cider drinker. That explains a lot.

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