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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands 2010

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The Netherlands 24-08-2010 - 31-08-2010

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There are 4 comments
Raviranjan – iSb7L3sOd
November 14, 2015 - 05:12
Subject: MrzFaLygtlDhodVqPcW

The instructions that come with this shed are prttey vague and horrible. They need to at least have a minimum amount of´╗┐ written instruction, the pictures arent usually helpful. Just do yourself a favor and go out to buy some lumber and build a real shed lol.

sonja – Schiedam
December 29, 2010 - 14:02
Subject: familie foto,s

Heb werkelijk aan alle kanten mijn ogen uit mijn kop zitten kijken Enig super leuk

Reply to sonja
Aero – England
February 28, 2011 - 19:22
Subject: Re: familie foto,s

Leuk dat je de fotos mooi vond. Ik hoop dat je nog eens terug komt om nieuwe fotos te bekijken en misschien weer een berichtje archterlaat.

Willy – Netherlands
October 03, 2010 - 08:38
Subject: prachtig!

Wat hebben jullie veel gezien in Nederland! Het was een goed bestede vakantie.
Pas nu, op 3 oktober, heb ik jullie site gezien en hem bewonderd.
Het gaat jullie goed zo te zien. En fijn omdat zo te zien.
Lieve groeten van je moeder

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05-09-2011: Like most years, in the first week of September we have been to the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2011.

06-07-2011: I have added some photos from out daytrip to Weston Super Mare.

18-05-2011: We have been on a Tractor Run again.

23-04-2011: The Lynches in the Spring.

19-03-2011: On Sebastian's 2nd birthday we went to West Midlands Safari Park.

09-02-2011: New page with photos from the view of our house to the church and the old village added here.

08-02-2011: New page about our daytrip to Bourton on the Water added.

05-02-2011: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

28-11-2010: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

07-10-2010: You can now view the pictures of the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010.

24-09-2010: We have been to the Netherlands again: The Netherlands 2010.

24-06-2010: The weather was nice and we decided to take a daytrip to the beach at Woolacombe.

21-06-2010: New pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

08-09-2009: Some photo's of our trip to The Netherlands added and more pictures of the Sunday Cider shed added.

31-08-2009: The long awaited pigroast at the Saturday cider shed finally happened..

31-08-2009: Although not as busy as last year, this year's barbecue at Aston sub Edge village club was still a success.

22-08-2009: Have you ever heard of The Lynches? It is the name of the woods we walk through on our way to Chipping Campden. These woods feature on a few pages on this website. Well, there is now somebody living in The Lynches, Ray Mears style (or is it John Rambo?).

24-07-2009: As promised, I have now taken a few pictures of the Saturday Cider Shed. More pictures will be added in due course.

09-07-2009: Finally. I've added a page about the cider shed on Sunday morning. Another page about the Saturday cider shed will follow shortly (I have to take a few more pictures first).

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