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The Great Dorset Steam Fair

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The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008

This year was the 40th anniversary of the Great Dorset Steam Fair and it was the first time that we had to queue for more than 5 minutes.

While queueing (I had to look this word up, and this is really how you spell it according to Wikipedia), these planes flew over. I believe the little planes are Spitfires, but I have no idea what the big plane is. Anybody got any idea?

Our location on the campsite was a lot closer to the fair than last year.

The campsite in the other direction with the carpark for day-visitors on the left. The campsite continues to the right about 20 times the size you can see on the picture.

We met up with our friend Richard Cole, who restores vintage tractors to it's original condition. Here he is with one of his show models (the tractor, not Clarkie). He deals in Fordson Tractors Parts & Spares Restoration & Sales and he can be found here: Cotswold Vintage Tractors.

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October 08, 2015 - 22:04
Subject: JwGiSVDtRS

Oh Sheri, I am with you. Fall was the worst for me, too, because it was the death of semumr and the transition into the worst thing imaginable winter. Fall was the gateway to all things horrible for me. I'm trying to enjoy it more this year, though. I'm also in Michigan so I'm impressed with the previous commenter. I am always freezing cold so I spend semumr afternoons sitting outside in full sun over radiating cement. (Not to get a tan, just to get warm.) The best part of fall is here, though Michigan State football!

Candy – xkQNhclPNt
October 14, 2012 - 04:29
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lisa jones – wales
July 13, 2010 - 20:59

brill photo thanks for putting thes on web i couldnt make it to dorset last year

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22-08-2009: Have you ever heard of The Lynches? It is the name of the woods we walk through on our way to Chipping Campden. These woods feature on a few pages on this website. Well, there is now somebody living in The Lynches, Ray Mears style (or is it John Rambo?).

24-07-2009: As promised, I have now taken a few pictures of the Saturday Cider Shed. More pictures will be added in due course.

09-07-2009: Finally. I've added a page about the cider shed on Sunday morning. Another page about the Saturday cider shed will follow shortly (I have to take a few more pictures first).

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